Personality, enthusiasm and professionalism brought to the table! Simply stylish, always accurate and extremely efficient. An individual approach is key to acquire the very best results and flavours for your story. For more than 10 years now we express expertise in press relations & events for wine, dine and divine brands in both local and international contexts. Always looking for what’s fresh and new.
Alice Bown. Wine Lady Of The Year 2021. Yours Flavourly. Absolutely. 


From wine tastings & wine masterclasses to personalized press trips, product launches, surprise personal delivery boxes at home, Alice knows how to find innovative ways to reach her target group. The world of wine has no secrets for her. Alice Bown, Wine Lady of The Year 2021, always puts that extra cherry on top by serving you stylish, professional and personal experiences.


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Alice seduces and informs press and influencers by providing intriguing content and challenging events flavoured to each audience. A culinary workshop, an improvised evening in an unusual surrounding, surprise tastings in editorial groups, press releases written on plantable paper, video content creation or virtual press trips with augmented reality. Always on the lookout for what’s fresh and new.


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Wine and dine only works in a divine atmosphere. Hotels and restaurants can count on Alice’s support for social media and PR. With a profound love for everything simple and enchanting, Alice is often on the road traveling to new places on the discovery for new styling ideas.


chefsworld_social media _ social media strategy _ tone of voice _ creative direction _ global campaigns _ strategic brand partnerships _ influencer marketing


Altano wines
Best Sommelier of the World
Big Green Egg

Boucherie du Nord
Bourgogne Franche Comte
Bureau du Champagne Benelux
Castilla y Lèon
Château de Minière
Colissioni Piemonte

Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux

Consejo Regulador del Tequila
Convento wine bistro
Colonel Gin

Comité Champagne
Don Papa Rum
Dow’s Port

Emilia Romagna
Epicerie Le Bon
Friuli and Friends
Graham’s Port
Hors Champs
Humphrey Chez Pias
Ice Crime
Inter Rhône
I Vini del Piemonte
Le Creuset (partner)
Les Vins du Sud-Ouest
Loire Propriétés
Luka Restaurant
Les Compagnons Restaurant
Mome Choc-o-lait
Muk restaurant

Nc’nean Whisky
Nats Rawline
Noir Winebar
Old Pulteney
Ona winebar

Pains Beck

Piemonte Wines
Pistolet Original
Premium Spirits

Rouge Granit
Royal Belgian Caviar
Rueda Wines

Sienna and Friends
Singular Estates
Six Senses Spa
Symington Family Estates
The Barn Bio Market
Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux

Vini Portugal
Zero Waste


Alice Bown

+32 478 99 01 69

Alice is close to her press relations, so close they'd casually come together for a field picnic or improvised rooftop dinner. Her passion for wine started in the cradle, or almost. Her grandparents 'forced' the kids to taste the Château d'Yquem every Christmas. She took a taste of it quickly and made it her passion. To escape from work, she loves sailing or planning last minute dinners at home with more friends than there are seats. Making home-made ice cream with her three kids is a must in her life. She loves singing along with to the car radio with open windows. Alice likes to keep it organic and as zero waste as possible. Making people happy is what keeps moving her forward: clients, suppliers, family and friends. Other things that make her happy are wine and chocolate ... lots of chocolate.

Sophie Cornelis


Sophie is our very own Baroque 'n' Roll wine expert, also known as Miss Riesling. Just like this grape, her character, fraîcheur and vivacity appeals to many people. When she enters the room, you feel her warm, genuine spirit wrap around your heart. She reached the level of Sommelier-Conseil and therefore she's the perfect pairing for our champagne and Portuguese wine clients. Her motto? 'Demain, c'est loin'. Sophie is always on the lookout for culinary adventures and loves to share her list of must-visits around the world. When she's not traveling, she's probably discovering a new restaurant. Want to make her day? Surprise her with a seafood or cheese platter, along with a glass of fine wine. Avec plaisir.

Charlotte Vanderheyden


Charlotte, or Chacha for the fools, is our very own divine stylist and creative go-getter. Thanks to her keen eye for detail, everything this professional perfectionist touches will become even more beautiful. No wonder this warm and welcoming personality is in charge of our press packagings, event styling, mailings, pos material, food photography and webdesign. She is rocking the tall life and is madly in love with her sewing machine and a typefont or two. Charlotte adores everything sweet. Pro tip: bring cake or cookies if you want to bribe her. You're welcome.

Julie Baeckelandt


Julie can be described in multiple ways thanks to her kaleidoscopic personality. She's a colourful mix of creative thoughts, ideas and trivia facts. From the age of 16 she has been working in various restaurants and wine bars. Not only is she an extremely motivated, hands-on and professional woman in the field, her enthusiasm and kindness really are all over the place. Come on over and get yourself enchanted in a heartbeat while she mixes up your favourite cocktail. Oh! And ... did you know that in every Italian restaurant, Julie orders a penne quatro formaggi? A bit cheesy, you say? We think not.

Marie Deceuninck


Marie is our divine event expert. She's a city dweller who lived in Canada and Italy and likes to travel and savour the local food along her way. Cruising through Mexico, surfing in Costa Rica, skiing the Alps, kiting in Tenerife, exploring Sweden and Norway's waterways while canoeing are just a few of her many explorations. You guessed it right: this sporty spice gets thrilled by active adventures abroad. Marie owns a master degree in experimental psychology ànd she recently graduated as sports psychologist. Above that, she's a quick thinker and a first class problem solver while describing herself as 'organized chaos'. This busy bee ran her own pop-up at the Let's Get Out Festival in cooperation with the Boxys. For Marie, cooking for friends is the ultimate form of relaxation while enjoying a glass of wine at the end of a summer's day.

Jasmina Dekrem


Jasmina is our culinary PR copywriter and chef on a mission to please your palate as well as your soul. In her free time you might catch her feeding 'Bread Pitt' the sourdough starter, playing with her godchild Pia or shopping spices in an unexplored country. Did you know she used to be a beach lifeguard, went kayaking in Greenland, lived in Italy and has a soft spot for vegetables? Together with her twin sis Deborah, she even ran a veggie pop-up restaurant during a television show hosted by Michelin star chefs Sergio Herman & Marcelo Ballardin. In her pantry, you'll always find pasta, black pepper, butter and Pecorino to make 'cacio e pepe' while having a sip from a negroni. Curious? Book your personal table in our office kitchen straight away.

Boris de Hemptinne


Boris is our healthy dose of testosterhône that keeps our team balanced. When he’s around, his presence alone immediately lifts your mood and makes you feel at ease. He’s un homme attentionné who dreams about de la viande grillée. Moreover, this devoted dog person and true nature lover is wild about hunting season, hockey, grand crus and … tomatoes. Did you know he has his own greenhouse with 19 varieties and makes the most heavenly passata? Bref, he’s our man who conquered a special place in our coeur de boeuf.

Sandrine Snoek


Sandrine is our freelance mermaid who charms you with her most enchanting voice. She lives in Amsterdam and grew up in Volendam, a Dutch town known for its famous musici and seafood vendors. Apart from learning new languages, singing in her band, going to concerts or festivals and dancing the night away, this bon vivant also likes gastronomy. You can always wake her up for grilled fish with a glass of Crémant de Loire, Bourgogne and, of course, Champagne. Sparkling wine is so festive and often accompanies beautiful moments, she says. With a glass of bubbles, chaque jour est une fête.

Anou Bruyneel


Anou est à nous. She’s curious at heart and likes to really get to know people from a genuine interest. That’s why you can easily catch her talking to strangers on the train or in a bar. Speaking of drinks … she belongs to the lucky few where red wine does not make her sleepy, so go ahead and fill her glass with a full-bodied syrah - her favourite grape. She has a mad crush on 70's music and an unquenchable thirst for thrift store finds. Experiences make her experienced and are Anou's main source of energy. Le fil rouge? Food, drinks and a big smile.

Salvator Vandewalle


Salvator is our go-to freelance wine expert/geek, teaming up with Sophie to fill up our glasses. His passion is wine in all its colours and flavours, and his thirst for knowledge brought him to achieve the WSET Diploma and Weinakademiker degrees. His Italian nonna gave him the love for food and showed him the skills to make his own sourdough bread and pizzas, and of course ... la pasta fresca! He loves to cook for friends and enjoy a long dinner with a few bottles of wine together. Discovering new (food) places and traveling with his lovely partner makes him the happiest. He's - not so - secretly dreaming about la bella vita on the Mediterranean, but until then spreading the wine love all over. Could we get a refill, please?

Sara Van Steenkiste


Sara finds real joy in the stories that numbers and paperwork tell. That's why she is our freelance admin & finance fairy. Once a week she reviews our paperwork & makes the finance go round. Going against all finance stereotypes, she isn’t dull ... at all! At any given moment, you might catch her humming 'j'aime la vie' in the office, her favourite song when she was a kid. ​Sara is in love with Japan but 'big in Belgium' and inspired by the kimono. She also has a fondness for slow fashion. With these ingredients, she expresses her creative mind and side in her own 100 % Belgian fashion brand: Kimono Belge. She never refuses a good glass of wine and always finishes her plate. Good girl! Altogether she loves the good stuff: paper, fabrics, food & wine.

Louise Van Damme


Louise is our HR fairy godmother. She grew up as the eldest in a family of six and is a proud mother of three children (Raphaël, Margaux and Zoé) herself. Did you know that her first daughter, Margaux, was named after the AOC wine appellation in the Haut-Médoc district of Bordeaux? Together with her family, she lived in Panama for a while. Her third child, Zoé, was even conceived over there! Moreover, snowy mountains really cast a spell on Louise. She adores skiing and considers herself a happy camper when there is food, wine, family and friends around the table.